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Hanna’s Twin

I think Hanna has a twin. Here’s why:

1st Halloween episode: Alison tells a little boy Hanna is babysitting a scary story about a young set of twins (in front of Hanna). In the story, one of the twins has some form of mental illness, and stabs the other twin. The parents find the stabbed twin lying on the floor of their kitchen, with the crazy twin standing there, smiling above the body. The parents send the crazy twin away to a mental hospital. 

2nd Halloween episode: The same actress who played one (or both) of the  twins in the first Halloween episode, shows up at Hanna’s house on Halloween night and says she needs to call her mom, and that she wants to go home. Hanna’s mom attempts to help her, but the little girl disappears before she can. 

3rd Halloween episode: The Liars go to Ravenswood, and Hanna seems to be the only one who repeatedly sees a pair of twins dressed in red.

Why are all the twin references directly and indirectly related to Hannah?

Furthermore, Hanna is the only Liar on the show that looks NOTHING like her mom. While Hanna is a blonde who has struggled with weight issues in the past, her mom is a stick thin red head. What if Hanna was adopted? What if she originally had a twin with mental health issues, and they were separated at a young age for that specific reason? Hanna did mention this past week that she can’t even remember who she used to be. You may say I’m reading too much into a simple casting choice, but all the other Liars look like little mini-me versions of their parents. They could have deliberately chosen someone who doesn’t quite look like Hanna.

Also, this past week, the funeral director points out how similar Hanna and Ali look based upon the description he was given of what Alison looks like…

So could it be that Hanna’s twin is the one who was actually murdered and put into Alison’s coffin?

Now go with me here…have you ever really thought about how Rosewood is a really small town, where everyone seems to know everyone? If everyone really does know everyone, or at least, everyone has HEARD of everyone, wouldn’t the person (or people) embalming and taking care of Alison’s body in the funeral home be suspicious that it wasn’t actually her? Especially when, even if this person didn’t actually KNOW Ali personally, they would probably have at least an idea of what she looks like, or would have seen one of the many missing photos posted of Ali all over town. 

Even if whoever identified Ali’s body (I’m assuming her mom), lied on purpose for whatever reasons, and said “Yes, this is my daughter” when she knew it wasn’t…wouldn’t the funeral workers in this very small Pennsylvania town still be suspicious? 

Then think again about how in this past episode a funeral director confused Hanna and Alison based on a phsyical description, and then the show goes into a flashback where Hanna is standing next to a missing photo of Alison, and you can see how they look similar in that photo

If the funeral home worker (assuming they weren’t payed off, or in on the scheme somehow) had only ever seen that missing picture of Alison, or had only ever heard about what she looked like physically from someone else, I bet he/she wouldn’t be even the least bit suspicious of Hanna’s twin laying in that coffin.

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Anonymous asked: "I found it pretty ironic that they played that song that goes "every move you make, every step you take, I'll be watching you" when aria and Ezra were making out like yes, that's exactly what he did with all his creepy stalker stuff lol"

PLL isn’t exactly known for it’s subtlety when it comes to clues I’m afraid

In fact that wasn’t even a clue, just a literal description of what Ezra has been doing to many underage girls for some time now. 

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I really love EMISON because I feel that Alison really love Emily and Emily love Alison. So I hope that it will be #TeamEMISON instead of #TeamPAILY.


Who has a twin? Hanna.

I have my suspicions about other characters having a twin, but I’m keeping my eyes open for more evidence pointing to Hanna.

I FORGOT TO INCLUDE THIS: “A” went after Hanna’s mom hardcore last season, doing everything in their power to have her framed for Wilden’s murder. If the twin can’t have a loving mother, why should her sister, Hanna?

Send me anything you guys find! Thanks for reading!

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Dear Barista Zack,



An Open Letter To ‘Pretty Little Liars’ & Everyone Who Watches ‘Pretty Little Liars’


In light of last night’s episode, I’m sure most of you are expecting a bevy of Hanna/Zack annotations. You’ll probably get them, but they probably won’t be from me.

You see, when I stated watching the episode, I figured I’d be making quite a few annotations. However, while watching the episode and thinking about annotations, I could do nothing but become increasingly upset. I spent the rest of the night unable to watch anything else because of how angry I was, and no jokes about the situation where able to diffuse said anger. So instead of working on annotations, which I mentally blocked myself from physically doing, I decided to write this stream of consciousness.

Honestly, in the words of the late, great Owen Hart: “Enough is enough, and it’s time for a change.”

It’s not enough that this is the moment when the show decides the predatory nature of these adult male characters is finally a bad thing. This is a legitimate problem on this series. At this point, the only thing that will make Pretty Little Liars' sexual predator problem anything resembling “okay” is a flat out, direct statement of how wrong ALL of these relationships are. Now is no longer the time for subtlety or silence in exchange for fan pandering.

While the message of Zack’s advances of Hanna being wrong is commendable, where are the messages of a teacher (as well as a stalker) falling for his student being unacceptable? Where are the messages about a grown man, a professional in the medical field, being ~unable~ to resist a teenage girl (because he’s “old enough to know better and young enough not to care”). We constantly joke about the adult male/teenage girl situation in Pretty Little Liars (and teen dramas in general, because only a handful can even pull off the adult/teenager relationship), but that’s for the hope that something—anything—about it changes. Creating a monster out of an otherwise likable character (one who’s barely a character, which is what makes it acceptable?) by having him do the same thing a good portion of adult males on this show do (without punishment) is sending mixed signals. This is a show where we’re in constant fear that a male police officer (again, a person in a position of trust and power) will put the moves on a teenage girl even after he’s already turns down one’s advances. It’s a norm on this show… until it’s not, apparently.

Also in case no one’s skin has crawled enough since the episode in question, keep in mind that Zack didn’t just put the moves on Hanna. He did so knowing she was hammered and not in any way in control—he even calls it out himself.

After Nate replied to the pedophile message, we got a couple more messages saying something to the effect of us constantly calling Ezra a pedophile only making the word mean less by making it more acceptable in the lexicon. Believe me (and all of us here at Pretty Little Liars Annotations): None of us take the word pedophile lightly, and placing it on Ezra or Wren or Ian or Zack or [INSERT ROSEWOOD OR RAVENSWOOD ADULT MALE HERE] isn’t us trying to lessen the word. If anything, we are trying to make clear that what the men on this show are doing is, without a shadow of a doubt, wrong. They should be held up to the level of fear as A or Mona or Jenna. In fact, they should be held up to a level higher, because again, they are full-grown adults. Ezra, the youngest, is a manchild, but that still doesn’t make him a child.

The Great Gatsby may be the only book Rosewoodians read, but I’m thinking of another book when it comes to this situation: The Scarlet Letter. May the adult male creeps of this show’s universe wear a scarlet P (that we annotate onto them) for all to see.

What makes everything in this week’s episode so much worse though is the Liars’ reactions to Hanna’s reveal of this situation. Yes, Hanna has been going on a downward spiral (and while I can write another thousand words on how all of the Liars have responded to Ali’s resurgence, that’s not what this is) along with Caleb. None of that excuses Spencer, Emily, and Aria’s reactions to her. They certainly took classes at Slut-Shaming and Victim-Blaming 101 for this one. And the kicker is, Aria is a character that, all jokes aside, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to say I hate. Yes, she’s a pretentious bird killer living in her own television show separate of Pretty Little Liars, but that’s amusing in its own right. Until last night’s episode, where I literally uttered the words “Fuck you, Aria” to my screen.

Zack is a grown man. Hanna is a teenager. They barely know him. They know, that for all of Hanna’s current problems right now, she would never “make up” something like this. HE IS A GROWN MAN. SHE IS A TEENAGER. This season of Pretty Little Liars is so bleak (intentionally, of course) that even with the deterioration of these girls’ friendships, this is something that shouldn’t be happening.

Then again, maybe if Hanna went on about how compatible she and Zack are, on a soul level, and how they put paper grocery bags on their head, Aria would apologize.

If this was solely to figure out a way to get rid of the Zack off the show, boy is it a way to do it. I wish  I could say with great confidence that this is the show finally addressing the predatory elephant in the room, but it’s not. The Ezras and Wrens of the show are still going to exist. They’re still going to be seen as viable love interests to these minors. At this point, while the bigger problem in my eyes that Zack is a man in his 30s, the bigger problem (based on the established show rules) is that he’s in a relationship with Ella’s mom. If infidelity trumps pedophilia or statutory or bastardization of societal norms or whatever the hell you want to call it, then I really am lost.

I know I’m not a writer for the show. I’d love to be one—it’s a dream job of mine—especially because I’d be curious to know the inner-workings of the writers’ mind when it comes to this facet of Pretty Little Liars. It’s a darker show than any one really gives it credit for, which is why I know complaining about an unexpectedly dark turn on the show is bound to fall on deaf ears. I just want to understand why this is the exception to the rules the show has built with regards to adult males. 

 - L

This post is incredibly important and absolutely necessary for people to be aware of. Pretty Little Liars has made a habit out of painting predatory, adult male characters as charming and flattering and the show usually only suggests that this type of interaction is wrong if it involves romantic cheating of some kind [e.g. Ian/Spencer or Ian/Ali]. I watched today’s episode with my sixteen year old sister and her outrage toward Zack worried me because it was only kicked into gear as a response to his apparent infidelity. PLL has created this world where fans pine for Aria and Ezra to stay together because of how ‘romantic’ and ‘real’ their secret relationship is, and yet the reason why it has to stay a secret is rarely alluded to, let alone discussed in depth. Somehow they’ve gotten away with diverting the issue simply to ‘keep it a secret or Ezra will lose his job and Aria’s parents will get mad’, rather than making it clear that the reason those two things will happen is because the relationship is [as discussed above] illegal, exploitative and just plain wrong. Everything about the Zack/Hanna scenes were problematic [to say the very least], as were the victim-blaming reactions she received from people who were meant to be her best friends and support system. For a show that has a firm foundation of young, female fans, it’s truly concerning that the writers seem to be picking and choosing the context in which a negative relationship between an adult male and teenage female exists. I hope to god that next weeks episode addresses the truly horrible way in which the Liars responded to Hanna, and that it’s made very clear how incredibly wrong it was in every way for Zack to be hitting on her, not just because he’s engaged. However, even if they do condemn Zack’s behaviour for all the right reasons, I fear that this will only send further mixed signals; that an adult man hitting on an underage girl is wrong only if the advance is unwelcome, and any other example of this type of relationship where the advance IS reciprocated [Aria and Ezra/Ali and Ian] then the relationship is okay. I fear for this because a relationship like Aria and Ezra’s, Ian’s and Ali’s, Ian and Spencer’s, Hanna and Zack’s is wrong regardless of whether the girls actively participate in returning the advances or chasing after the men themselves. When there’s an imbalance of power, an inability to legally consent, a manipulative aspect to the relationship, it is always wrong. That is the message PLL should actively be sending to its audience.

Haleb at a wedding @tylerjblackburn

Haleb at a wedding @tylerjblackburn

Spoby, Haleb, Ezria & Emison in 5.05


Take a look at PLL’s scariest moments so far!

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imsorrymomanddad asked: "Did you notice that when Ali's dad tells her about the divorce in 5x02, she replies something along the lines of "I know, Ali told me"?"

She says “I know, Emily told me” :)

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Book vs. PLL theory

I don’t know if this has ever been pointed out, but in Lolita there is a girl younger, by only like a year or so, than the guy she loves. Eventually, the little girl ends up of dying of a disease. Humbert, the man, later on perseus into becoming an English Literature a teacher. Still distraught over the death of his love, he falls for somebody else. This girl turns out to be a lot younger than him. Lolita, the girl, ends up being kidnapped, at least in Humberts mind. He spends so many hours, upon days, upon weeks searching for Lolita. While Lolita is gone, Humbert goes after another girl. Lolita, while missing, becomes pregnant, and is need of money. Lolita is married at this point. Humbert wants to kill this man, assuming that he is the one that kidnapped Lolita from the hospital, at the time when he was still in love with her. He eventually realizes that this wasn’t the man that he seeked to kill. Humbert begs Lolita with money to return to him, as he is so deeply in love. Lolita refuses to. Humbert eventually gets sent to jail. In jail,Humbert continues to write a memoir, about his time with Lolita, and as she disappeared. Although, he knows that he can’t publish a book that would be based on lies, as the Lolita he knows is alive. Eventually, Mr. Humbert dies while in jail, so his book is not published.

I feel as if the girl that Humbert loves in the beginning could be presumed as Maggie or Jackie, as it was just a girl he loved, or possible in their case, liked. Maggie and Jackie being near the same age as Mr. Humbert. I am also presuming Mr.Humbert to be Ezra.

Humbert leaving the girl who is dead now. Maggie was sent off, by being bribed by Ezra’s mother. So, I am saying that her being sent off, like in the book her dying. After that happens he becomes an English Teacher, as he mentioned always wanting to be.

Then, Lolita, I would say is Alison. We know that Lolita is kidnapped in the hospital in the book. Alison was murdered, and disappeared according to the polices thoughts for the longest while.

Although, at the point Alison wasn’t missing we know that she thought she was pregnant at one point. And at sometime in Season 4, while we find that Alison is on the run, you see that she is in need of money, In comparison to Lolita, we know that Alison was never married. But who knows should could have had some affliction with Noel while away, as we know that Noel knew where she was, and has been helping her along the way. When Humbert finds Lolita he wants to kill the husband. When the girls find Alison they don’t trust Noel, as to the things he has done in the past.

Alison is given money to get away but doesn’t, which reflects to the opposite where in Lolita she is given money to return, but doesn’t.

We know that in the show Ezra is never sent to jail, but he is sent to the hospital. The whole time before he was writing a book on Alison, which would be a memoir. He was writing a book on his time with her, and the time when she disappeared, trying to find out who killed her, or who is -A, wants he finds out she is still alive. Ezra does never publish his book, but in his case to please Aria. Aria in the real story who would be Rita. A girl he falls for when Lolita is gone, and again is much younger than him.

I personally, do not think that Ezra will die, but he is in the hospital, barely making it out of recovery, when he had another, presumably an epileptic attack.

And as many other people have pointed out the author of Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov, is an anagram to Vivian Darkbloom, the pseudonym that Alison uses.
Next, I want to mention the other book prominently known in PLL. Which is ‘Tender is the Night’. Tender is the night is written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, which I for one find quite funny, since it is the book that Ezra is reading. But I wanted to relate the story of this book to another family, that primely has nothing to do with Ezra.

( I haven’t read this book though, so the summary will be copied and pasted off of Sparknotes)

Rosemary Hoyt, a beautiful eighteen-year-old movie starlet, on vacation with her mother, arrives at a rather deserted portion of the French Riviera. There, Rosemary meets Dick Diver, a handsome American psychologist in his thirties with whom she instantly falls in love. Dick and his wife, Nicole, are exemplars of grace and sophistication, and move among a social set of similarly extraordinary people. Rosemary becomes part of this world, and in the gay times that follow, Dick begins to reciprocate Rosemary’s feelings for him. Everything goes splendidly until, after an alcoholic friend of the Divers accidentally kills a man, Rosemary discovers Dick comforting Nicole, who has had a mental breakdown.

The story shifts back in time to relate the events that led up to the marriage of Dick and Nicole. Dick attended Yale, was a Rhodes scholar, and then moved to Vienna to study clinical psychology. Once, as Dick was leaving a clinic on the Zurichsee, he met the sixteen-year-old Nicole Warren, who was being checked in. The Chicago heiress had been sexually abused by her father and, as a result, had developed an acute fear of men. The two fall in love, and Dick becomes both her doctor and her husband. They travel extensively, are happy, and have two children together.

I am relating this book to the Montgomery’s. In this case, Rosemary Hoyt would be Meredith Sorenson. Dick, or Byron falls for Meredith as well. Meredith is in love with Byron, and he eventually starts to feel the same way. We know this by the fact that when Ella eventually leaves him in PLL to be with Zac, he just goes back to Meredith.

Next, I am not sure what episode but Ella mentioned that she hadn’t dated anyone since high school, because she was in love with Byron at the time. In the story, Dick and Nicole meet at this same young age, which would be around the time a person would be in high school. And to skip along we know that the Montgomery’s have two children together.

This goes off topic of the Montgomery’s, but it is mentioned that Nicole is in need of a (psychologist/psychiatrist). Which a person in need of that could have a personality disorder. I know in the book the character doesn’t, but in one point it was mentioned that one character in the show had a personality disorder. Could this character be Ella, since she was married to Byron, and it follows along that pattern line, or could it just be any random character, and still make that connection to the book.

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Who is buried ..

Do you remember when the liars tracked down those other girls whose friend is still actually missing? The friends that said the liars are lucky because they have ‘closure’?

I think their friend that went missing is part of this. The description was like Ali.  Similar personality and look. She could be in the grave… or alive and part of it all. 


5.04 “Thrown From The Ride”

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