pll drinking game: drink every time someone shoulda fuckin called the cops

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Anonymous asked: "What if it's Jessica DiLaurentis that has the twin, and the twin was actually Toby's mum? Which explains the end scene where 'Jessica' is being buried? Just a thought.. x"

Sasha has hinted to somebody else having a twin before, so it’s possible!

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Anonymous asked: "Your url is amazingggg"

Well thank you ;)

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Who is A?

Hello, first I’d like to say I love your blog!! 

Secondly, I personally think that Aria WAS ‘A’. Throughout all 4 seasons, it seems as if Aria is always in a way having problematic encounters such as: the cheating scandal between her father and his student, her parents getting split up, her meeting Ezra, falling in love (all that mushy stuff), her brother getting in trouble in school- the list just goes on.

Did you ever realise that aria is the middle girl in the theme scene? Or the fact that she was the first girl to be introduced when the first episode of Season 1 began? What about when her and her family suddenly left for a YEAR to go to another country. She doesn’t actually go into depth about how her time was or all the places she visited. 

What if, all along, she was the person who started ‘A’? As shown in the past seasons, alison was getting messages and threats by ‘A’. If this were to be Aria, what would’ve triggered her to this is quite out of the ordinary. Throughout the last 4 seasons, ‘Alison’ died, yet Hannah, Emily, Spencer and Aria were receiving messages from ‘A’. I don’t think Aria is the one sending out these messages, I think it’s Alison. You see, Alison somehow knows it was one of the girls which sent her the A threats, but she can’t put her finger one exactly who it was. So there is, sending ‘A’ threats to the 4 girls, waiting for one of them to own up and say that they’re A.

Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong, but If there’s one thing I’m quite certain on; you think you know people, then they surprise you.


Nobody ever really dies in Rosewood!

These are spoilers for the finale


Someone we haven’t seen in a very long time returns (male).

Someone who is loved gets shot. (male)

Someone gets arrested. (female)

More than one person may die.

- J knows things

Thank you for your insight, J. Please come back and share any time.

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landofjonas asked: "In the first season, they showed us Ali at the kissing rock with Ian the night she went missing and they were talking in romantic way, yet in the season finale, she basically said she went there to confront him. Am I the only one bothered by this?"

That was my reaction too! The way I thought they’d depicted it, Ali and Ian hadn’t seen each other since they were at Hilton Head and Melissa interrupted their weekend, but they must have had a rendezvous earlier at the kissing rock, but my friends pointed out that we just caught the end of their conversation. They said ‘that was some goodbye kiss’, indicating that the ‘romantic’ part of their meet-up (which we’ve already seen) had just happened.

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Anonymous asked: "Does anyone else feel like Noel kind of came out of nowhere in that episode? I thought his storylines were all done and he wasn't really going to be around anymore. Did I miss something? Some people actually predicted it would be him, but I don't see why."

He definitely came out of nowhere - that’s why we didn’t expect him! The last time we saw Noel was on the ghost train in 3x13, This Is A Dark Ride.

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Anonymous asked: "Wait... so was that leaked script real?"

Yep! Every line.

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Questions after the PLL finale
  • Who tried to kill Ali/who is Jessica protecting?
  • Who is A?
  • Who was in the grave and who killed them?
  • Why was Cece wearing the same top as Ali that night and arguing with Melissa?
  • What did Melissa tell Peter?
  • Why did they make up a ridiculous storyline about Toby going to London just to speak to Melissa?
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Anonymous asked: "I'm confused with the whole Aria is A, Aria isn't A Aria has to be A thing. What do you think?"

Aria isn’t A.

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This theory is completely insane, okay, but I have to say it.

Whoever tried to kill Ali, it’s somebody that Mrs. D would protect. Mrs. D wouldn’t protect Melissa, which is why I don’t think Melissa told her dad she did it, I think she told him she knew who did or witnessed it. But whatever she told him, he was clearly upset about it. And here’s where my crazy theory comes in.

What if Ali didn’t have a twin? What if Jason did? And what if it was CeCe? Mrs. D was helping CeCe, clearly, because the sweater CeCe wore in the season finale was the same sweater Ashley found in Mrs. D’s house the episode before. Mr. Hastings would care because she would also be his child. That’s the only thing I can of that would make Mrs. D protect her, and why Mr. Hastings would care.

It’s crazy but anything is possible on this show.

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These are spoilers for the finale

Someone we haven’t seen in a very long time returns (male).

Someone who is loved gets shot. (male)

Someone gets arrested. (female)

More than one person may die.

- J knows things