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Same shoes for aria and the little girls in the twin story, same outfit for byron and the dad of the little twins. Coincidence ? Shady as hell

Omg! Yes!!


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Anonymous asked: "Emaya or Emisom? I personally love emaya"


Maya annoyed us from the second she stepped out with her ‘fro

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Anonymous asked: "hi! so, i just watched last night's episode (and i don't know if you did, but i'll keep it spoiler free) but there's this scene with emily and alison talking in the dilaurentis' living room and right before the scene starts (those moments when just scenery is shown) the camera shows a baby picture of alison, on top of the piano. now, when i paused it (and you should do so if you haven't watched the ep yet) that picture doesn't look like sasha at all, but it does look like ashley. suspicious?"

This is definitely the kind of ‘unnoticable’ clue the show would use!

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Ravenswood Ghost Girl

Hi.  In A Dark Ali, at the shot in Alison’s living room (the scene that starts immediately after Aria asks Ezra not to speak with Ali), the camera swoops past a photograph sitting on a side table.  The photograph looks exactly like a slightly younger version of the ghost girl from Ravenswood!  Like I’m almost certain it’s the same girl.  So why is it in Ali’s house? dunh dunh dunh


PLL Therapy Sessions:

I have seen this brought up a few times here and there. I never really thought about it until now. Recently, since the script for Ezra’s book has been revealed, we also see/know some discrepancies (ie; Aria in Iceland for 3 yrs vs 1 year there, Aria eats meat, then she’s vegetarian,etc..) So, not only that but the diary pages were changed as well and here we have the videos! What’s the deal here? Some are saying it is Ezra’s book and these changes are him editing the book and making some changes,etc.  I hope there’s more to this than that.

Anyone have any theories about the picture differences?



Is it me or says it: ‘might have a twin’ :o


Is it me or says it: ‘might have a twin’ :o

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Remember that creepy boy in the doll shop back in season 2 who said a man and a woman with dark hair wanted to hurt Ali? My theory, Melissa and Wren are working together. Melissa is Black Widow and Wren is Big A/Beach Hottie. Melissa hates Ali because she was involved with…

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Any thoughts on why Sydney and Jenna were dressed identically? 

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Anonymous asked: "Sorry if someone already asked this, but I didn't see a question about it. I've been re-watching pll (since I'm all caught up and want to try to formulate theories), and I just finished season 1. My question is since Ian didn't actually kill Ali, why'd he try to kill Spencer? Was this answered already? If not, what's your theory? Also, he says he's doing it to protect Melissa; what does he mean by that?"

I think that was one of our unresolved unanswered questions! (Correct me if I’m wrong)

Did Ian believe spencer was A? Or was it because spencer had seen what was on the NAT tapes and therefore “knew too much” - the most common motive for killing someone in Rosewood.

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Anonymous asked: "So, I was rewatching 4x17, and paused at the moment where Spencer was looking at Marion's case files. It says that Marion died at the age of 45. It also says that she was born in 1968. That would mean she died in 2013. Which would be later than we have all been thinking. So, do you think this was a mistake, or do you think that there was something we don't know about her death?"

That’s some good snooping! I actually don’t have an answer for that one, followers?

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The painting in the funeral home (and the Fitzgerald art museum) does have a meaning. After the episode I looked it up. I did like a reverse image search. The painting is known as ‘The Isle of the Dead’. I used wikipedia —> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isle_of_the_Dead_(painting) . Well, it says that the painting was used/mentioned in Vladimir Nabokov’s book ‘Despair’. Vladimir Nabokov, also the name that gives the alias to Vivian Darkbloom. In the book ‘Despair’ it is basically a man meets somebody who he believes to be his doppelganger, which could practically be the same as a twin. And he dresses his doppelganger up like him, then kills him. This is kind of like the books, and could reference something in the show about the twin theory. Then, Vladimir Nabokov is also the author of Lolita, which kind of relates to Ali&Ezra/Ezra&Aria. i don’t know if this is just like a coincidence or not, Or if it is meant to tie in the show. I am still working out some main facts to connect it to everything a little more. 

- Samantha J.

*Sorry,that I put my name at the end of the submission, and in the title. This theory was stolen from me, but I would like to keep it under my name. Sorry, for the inconvenience.*

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fuckthough asked: "I don't understand why A says Hannah has a big mouth in the last episode..."

Hanna let slip to Sydney that they were all in New York that night